Georgetown Students Blog about Sebelius

The website of The Hoya, one of Georgetown University’s student newspapers, announces that “for the first time” the university has “created a blog dedicated to ‘Commencement Shout-Outs’ where students and parents can post their thoughts and well wishes for the Class of 2012.”

[Tell Georgetown to withdraw the invite to Sebelius – sign the petition at]

So far all seven of the shout-outs are dedicated to the Jesuit university’s decision to invite “pro-choice” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as a speaker on commencement day.

No doubt people who are angry are more likely to take to a blog than those who are pleased or don’t care. But it is worth noting that not a single post applauds the decision to host the Cabinet secretary whose department promulgated a mandate that faith-based institutions must pay for insurance coverage that includes contraception and abortafacients.

Here are some samples:

Kathleen Sebelius? Unbelievable! What Catholic in their right mind would view her public actions as anything but an anathema? It is as if Georgetown is blatantly poking its finger in the eyes of faithful Catholics across the country. In Catholic teaching, there are certain moral principles that are non-negotiable, and Mrs. Sebelius is on the wrong side of many of them. Georgetown would NEVER invite a supporter of genocide or slavery or racial separatism to speak, so why would they invite one of the nation’s most prominent and influential abortion supporters and the architect of the unjust HHS contraception mandate?

Or this:

The administration at Georgetown University and the University’s board should have the decency to explain the Catholic community how it justifies calling itself a Catholic university while the University showcases Ms. Sebelius to its students as a model citizen. It is a well known fact that Ms. Sebelius’ HHR mandate transgresses religious freedom, absolute moral truth on human sexuality and reproduction, and has caused a great deal of unnecessary distress to faithful Catholics, including the Holy See.

One poster sounds weary and fed-up:

And now, as of today, near unbelievable evidence that Georgetown is nearly devoid of both Catholicism and a sense of shame. They’ve done this AGAIN?

You can read all the shout-outs here.